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I’m Federica and more than my name, what I love is what I am.
The sea. Just my biggest inspiration higher than any other.
I love daytimes at the seaside and dinners with friends.
I love peasant and rough scenes.
Wild bouquets.
All the places I’ve never seen yet.
I love book pages, love letters; I love note casually left around the house, and of course I love my cats.
After a couple of working years abroad and countless scuba diving in many different seas, I found my photography.
Through the photography, I’m completely free to express myself without limiting myself creatively, emotionally or interpretatively.
This is what I love and this is what better defines me.
I will freely let you guess all the rest about myself.

“I realized I wasn’t in people’s eyes what I always thought to be inside of me!”
Uno, Nessuno e Centomila – L.Pirandello


If the happiness recipe actually exists, it would be a session at the seaside, barefeet, a dress to lift and the everlasting sensation of freedom. 

I love focusing on details: objects, body features, because they are part of something bigger. 
For me every tiny thing has it own soul and beauty…so everything has something to communicate.
My favorite parties are private, cozy, with old friends and evocative atmosphere, funny but heart-felted at the same time.


My aim is being more than a mere presence.
I want you to feel at case having me around, I’d like you to share your ideas, your emotions, your story with me. 
This is how I can do my job at my best.
I believe in human relationships, so I always give and look for love in what I do. 
I’d encourage you to be 100% yourselves. I’d like you to organize your day according to what you are, want and feel, careless of “how it should be”:
 if you are yourself you shine with beauty. 
I’ll help you making it everlasting. That’s my way, I don’t know any other.

“They’ll teach not to shine. Just shine!”
Pier Paolo Pasolini


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I’ve been listed in the World Best of the Best Engagement photos 2017 by Junebug Weddings.
I’m a suggested vendor by Wedding Chicks and Junebug Weddings.


I was born in the South of Italy, I live in the North, and I feel like a citizen of the World. I go anywhere there’s a good story to tell.

“The most beautiful trip, is the one we haven’t made yet”
Loick Peyron

E-mail / hello@federicacavicchi.com
Phone /+39 3403579604
Available / Worldwide